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Payment is on hold


Payment is on hold

Hi dear sir I have a online store. And i am selling your products to the customer. I am online selling digital products and software. I sell your software product to customer. After maual shipping my payment is on hold. My selling date is 26 November. Then i receive a message after update shipping you can get money after 7days. I updated shipped. because i sell a software product. And my customer got download link. When i update shipped then receive message. After shipped you can get your money after 1 days. I am Waiting your money but not receive my money.and my money is on hold. But why? My customer is satisfied and got software successfully. Its my first transaction. Please help me. Regards Mohsin <removed>

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Re: Payment is on hold



With payments received for tangible goods Paypal would request valid tracking information confirming the funds have been delivered to the buyer. As they can validate the tracking information online, once it is delivered they can release the funds. As you have received the funds for a service no tracking number is applicable and they would be unable to release these funds any sooner than the 21 days.


The buyer ''may'' have the option on their account to mark the transaction as delivery/satisfied. If the buyer confirms this by clicking on the "Confirm Receipt" button, the funds may be released to you sooner. This is not always guaranteed. 

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