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Payment Received


Payment Received

Hi all,

New to PayPal so a bit weary. I received a payment from someone, let's call them "B". How would I know if it went through for sure? Is there any way for "B" to hold the payment back until they receive goods? If so, would I be informed of this and how?


When they sent it through, my balance reflected the amount but then I also read that balances also reflect pending payments received as well, so that was no help.


I was also able to transfer it to my bank account, it hasn't gone through yet. Is there any way that transfer to my bank will bounce back? Or would PayPal not have allowed me to make that transfer if the funds weren't actually there from "B"?



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Re: Payment Received



You can't withdraw funds that have not cleared into your paypal balance.


However having it in your bank account makes no difference if the buyer opens a dispute for non receipt of item OR item received but not as described as IF and only IF paypal found in their favour then you would have to refund, if you refused they would put your paypal account into negative and limit it and pass the debt to a debt recovery agency to collect.


So really it would have been better to have read up on paypal seller protection before you started to sell so that you could risk assess your transactions.

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