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Paying is in your pending balance

New Community Member

Paying is in your pending balance

We have just received an order payment from a customer in Israel. They have paid with PayPal.

We have received notice from PayPal saying

"We've placed the money on hold because we believe this transaction may involve a higher risk than usual. The money will appear in your pending balance and will be available after the order has been fulfilled as long as no claims are raised by the buyer or any issues arise with your account."

They have said they will release money when the customer has received the order in Israel.

The order is for made to measure bespoke audio furniture and worth £500 with £80 shipping. We are very very nervous about sending the items and then not getting paid if the customer decides to be awkward for whatever reason. Why has this happened? Is it because it is Isreal? We haven't sent anything to hear before. and any advice? We send items all over the world and the business has been running over a year so we have a good history with PayPal.