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PayPal to Federal Saving Bank USD Currency

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PayPal to Federal Saving Bank USD Currency

Hi, I have Payoneer account. I am trying withdrawal usd from PayPal account to my Payoneer with Federal Saving Bank. I attached Bank but when I click on instant transfer I can see only Debit Card Option. I can't see Bank Option in instant payment that coast 1% fee. But in standard payment or slow process I can see but there is 35USD fee per transaction. I want to withdraw money by instant payment/withdrawal, to Federal Saving bank that only shows in Slow process. I can't even see add bank in instant payment options. I see only Link a debit card. My PayPal is of Phillipine county. I need help. Thanks
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Re: PayPal to Federal Saving Bank USD Currency


Paypal does not support Payoneer, you can sometimes add an account but it won't work properly and Paypal advise you against trying.

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