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PayPal: the Great Overdraft Adventure, and Friends of Happyland.


PayPal: the Great Overdraft Adventure, and Friends of Happyland.

It all started  when I bought a phone on eBay.

At the time, I didn't realize my default payment method was my bank account. I thought I was buying with my sweet PayPal muney. I got a confirmation Email for my order. I then checked my accounts to see how many muneys whas left to buy me some goodies. "Oh, I still have all my muneys! How strange!" So I spent what was left in my PayPal. I Then moved all of my bank muney to my PayPal muney. Once I clicked on the buttons, there were no going backz. The fund transfer wuz final. I then realized what I had done. But it was too late... I had paid with my bank and then moved my bank money to my PayPal. But thebank takes 2 days to process the muneyz. So my account would be in overdraft while my money is on hold for 2 weeks. I was doomed. I received an eMail from Paypal, stating: "Hello you **bleep**! Your money will be moved to PayPal in TWO WEEKS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" (PayPal laughed at me in nasty way. ) Now all of my muneyz were trapped in a virtual nightmares, and they wuld be unaccessibles untils 2 WEEKS from now. Two days later, my bank account is in the red. In distress, I call the bank. The bank friendz were kind and understanding. They refunded my overdraft fee and moved that villain negative balance over to my PayPal account. Now, my bank accountz is in a state of profound emptiness. (Which IZ better than negativeness.) And my PayPal account is at -$170. My mony will have transferred to my PayPal in 4 days and all should be alright. PayPal doesn't seem to want to be bad and charge me some ugly fees.


Now I'm happy with that as long as I don't get **bleep** by something else that I didn't see coming. While thinking about what could happen, to prepare for the worst, a concern came to my mind. You seee, the bank lady told me she saw a lot of PayPal transactions while looking at my account. She suggested that I remove my bank account from my PayPal account, so that I don't get a $45 fee every time a transaction is refused for insufficient funds. I didn't understand what she meant. Anyway, I tried to remove my bank account from my PayPal account but it simply doesn't work. (Maybe because of the money that was sent FROM my bank account TO my PayPal? It is still in transfer.) So my big concern here... DOES PAYPAL HIT ON MY BANK EVERYDAY TO BALANCE MY ACCOUNT??? WITHOUT NOTIFYING ME VIA EMAIL???? If that is the case... I AM **bleep**! This would mean I get -$45 EVERYDAY FOR AT LEAST A WEEK. Am I done forever? Or am I just worrying too much? What are the repercussions.


(I'm writing this in anxiousness at 4 am... didn't sleep... I'm dying... I freeze every 10 seconds, it's hell to write this. I can't keep track... of my thoughts. And you know what the worst is? THE PHONE I RECEIVED IS NOT AS LISTED. Someone help me, give me a hug and hand me a blanket and a coffee. I'll go to bed now. Hopefully, I'll magically transform into a brilliant individual when I wake up.)