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PayPal "Help" service rendering non-help

New Community Member

PayPal "Help" service rendering non-help

Hi community,


I've been trying to link my paypal account to my bank account for 2 weeks. I have not been able to do so as it keeps showing that "there were errors in retrieving your account, please try again in a few minutes". I've reached out to Help for the last two weeks--every time a different person gives a reply, but no help has been rendered. Over the last two weeks I have:

- Re-verified my phone number

- Checked with my Mobile operator that SMS is enabled, and with my bank (Citibank) that the account accepts PayPal

- Was told that I will receive a callback in 48 hours (waited, but didnt happen)

- Was told that the case will be escalated (nothing happened)

- Was told again that I will receive a callback in 72 hours (waited, but didn't happen)

- Tried to call Paypal help and was told that I can't be supported (call was hung up)

- Was told that I will be connected to the manager (didn't happen again)


I'm 2 weeks in, and urgently need to get a transaction done. But I don't get any replies from PayPal Help. Anyone has suggestions on how I can resolve this issue?


Thank you.