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PayPal not releasing funds on hold after shipment was delivered

New Community Member

PayPal not releasing funds on hold after shipment was delivered

Hello All,


  I recently sold an expensive item on facebook marketplace and shipped to the address the buyer wanted on Facebook marketplace.  It WAS NOT the same address as his PayPal information but it still showed I was protected with Seller protection.  I saw the money was sent but on hold and per PayPals policy they said the funds would be released 1 day after delivery.  The product was delivered yesterday 11/4/2020 and the funds have not been released.  PayPal said it was due to the fact I hadn't used my account in a long time to sell something which is true, but previously I had done 100s of seller/buyer transactions.


When I shipped the item, I took clear photos of EVERYTHING, including the product being shipped, the transaction ID of the PayPal transaction and the address the Buyer wanted me to ship to.  I have photos of everything and the facebook conversation clearly saved.  What do I do at this point?  I really needed this money and it just shows PENDING/HOLD in my account.  I have tried to get hold of a person at PayPal but can not get through on the phone.  What else can I do?


   I have also tried contacting the buyer and no response from him, he would contact me daily on the shipping of the item, but as soon as I sent him the tracking number he stopped reading my messages.