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PayPal money hold.. security issues


PayPal money hold.. security issues

PAYPAL SUX. I am surprised there has not been a class action suit against these crooks. THEY DO WHATEVER THEY WANT WITH YOUR MONEY. Hold it for whatever amount of time they feel it necessary. (JUST ENOUGH TOME FOR YOU TO MISS CHRISTMAS.. RENT.. GROCERY SHOPPING.. ETC..) this is a company (more like a monopoly) that does NOT care about YOU.. especially during the pandemic. THEY DONT ANSWER THEIR PHONES. ONE day you can log in fine.. and boom.. the next day.. they dont know who you are.. for no reason.. you can no longer transfer monies to your bank accounts or credit cards.. oh.. wait.. security issues.. WTF.. SOMEONE NEEDS TO START A CIVIL SUIT AGAINST THESE SHADY M.F.'S
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Re: PayPal money hold.. security issues



Not exactly sure what the issue you're having with your account no one here can see into your account what's going on:


If your account is limited asking for documents, you must resolved the limitation first.


If you are experiencing delayed funds availability, because your transaction is high risk, here are some shipping tips that may help you get your payment sooner:

  • Add tracking information: If you provide tracking information from one of PayPal’s supported carriers in the transaction details page, your payment should be available 1 day after PayPal can confirm the delivery date


  • No Shipping Info: If your item doesn't need to be shipped (e-books, piano lessons, etc.), mark the order as Processed and provide the required details.


  • Buyer confirmation: A buyer will receive a notification email once you've uploaded the tracking number. When your buyer confirms they've received the item, the payment will be released immediately. (You can also ask buyer/sender to confirm receipt sending them the steps below.)


Here’s how (These options may not be available for some countries):


Seller/Recipient: Add tracking information, FIRST:

1. Click Activity at the top of the page.

2. Find and click the original payment for the item or service.

3. Click Add Tracking Info.

4. Select an Order Status: Processed (for virtual goods or services) or Shipped (with or without tracking info).


Then ask buyer to confirm receipt (option may be available within or after 48 hours):

  1. Click Activity at the top of the page.
  2. Find and click the original payment for the item.
  3. Click Confirm receipt.
  4. Click Yes to confirm that you received the order.

Note: Not all purchases require receipt confirmation.


If buyer does not confirm receipt then PayPal will release the funds after 21 days. Occasionally a payment will be held longer if it is a high risk transaction involving high value payments, electronics, event tickets, jewelry, luxury brand name merchandise. 


If you need to speak with customer service, click HELP at the top menu, then click Message Center under the search bar.


If you just wanted to vent. 👍


If they're saying they can't confirm its you, restart your device or try resetting your password. Use the website to log on as opposed to the app and vice versa.

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