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PayPal holds my funds and deny my request to increase release limit WITHOUT REASON

New Community Member

PayPal holds my funds and deny my request to increase release limit WITHOUT REASON

This is too much. My order average is $150-$400. In one year of selling, there was only one dispute that was resolved by me granting a return. 

Due to the products I'm selling are considered "high price" by PayPal. They hold ALL MY FUNDS if I receive more than $500 in a MONTH. Anything above $500, they hold the ENTIRE AMOUNT for 21 days. I receive well over $500 as a merchant, and my funds are on hold entirely for 21 days! It's a small business and my business card is getting charged for "low balance" because I am selling products but not getting paid.


Not only that, the PayPal message center told me to "request an increase" every 30 days. I patiently waited to request an increase. The request was automatically denied for no reason right after I filled out the request form. Then another month passes, yet another request was automatically denied again for no reason. Then this month, due to their system glitch, the request was denied BEFORE I even filled out the request form! Are you joking, I load the page and it was denied already? Is this "request to increase limit" thing automatically set up just so you are denied to receive your hard earned money???


I am very tired of the generic responses from PayPal. My concern was that, with a great selling record and OBVIOUS high order average amount, my request to increase funds release was denied by robots over and over and even before I filled out the request form.


The month isn't even passed and I am making more sales obviously, so PayPal will hold all that?! What the heck?


This system is literally designed so that you waste a whole lot of time trying things suggested by their rep, then to be "automatically" denied. 


Is there anyone that has successfully requested an increase before? Please kindly let me know. I feel robbed and scammed and wasted too much time hoping that PayPal holds up their part of the promise.