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PayPal doesn’t help horrible Customer service


PayPal doesn’t help horrible Customer service

I have since November 27 with a payment received from an eBay sale. PayPal false advertisement which I will contact a lawyer about their 30 min instant despot with 1% fee about. The Indian Asian people who answer who read the same information shown on the PayPal app are useless. Everyone from the supervisors are unhelpful. Telling me for security reasons I can’t transfer due to irregular activity. I used PayPal before for work to track purchased for expense reports. I’m not a new user. I got denied after a 72 hour hold and had to process it again with a new card. If this doesn’t go through I’m Not sure what my next thing will be to do. I’m unemployed and this was to help pay my bills it’s been over 2 weeks. It is December 8 now.

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Re: PayPal doesn’t help horrible Customer service



The "30 mins" is estimated time.  We perceive things as if it is some guarantee like the Purchase and Seller protections but it isn't. I don't see "Guarantee" word anywhere that is why I transfer the usual way via bank, generally 1 day, boom and for free and no stress and withdraw a couple days early to allow time for the wait. Regardless of age of account all transfers are subject to review and could be delayed or stopped if PayPal security system identifies an problem which they may or may not disclose why to you and can take up to a few days.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂