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PayPal balance in negative.

y-m Contributor

PayPal balance in negative.

I ordered something online, and instead of the payment going from my bank account, which I selected, it went out from my paypal balance (which I don't have) so now my account is in the negative. I transferred the amount from my bank to my paypal account, and it said it was pending and would take a few days. A few days ago I checked my bank account and paypal had taken the money out. But when I checked my paypal account it's still in the negative and says pending on my transfer. It also says "The money will be in your PayPal balance on October 16, 2018" it's october 16 and nothing happened...




Re: PayPal balance in negative.

check it again tomorrow.

see the money goes to Paypal bank account,then Paypal credits  your account.