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PayPal Problems (deletion of card, account etc)

New Community Member

PayPal Problems (deletion of card, account etc)

Recently I signed up for a PayPal account, the day I received my bank card.
I tried to link it to my bank account/card for adding money here, but it did not seem to work.
I tried to change my name to match the full exact name on my bank, but that needed a photo of my ID, so I deactivated my account that instant.
I tried to make a new account, but the bank account card was in use, even though I deleted the PayPal account.
So I can't link my bank card to my PayPal account now, at all.

Any ideas? I'm contemplating whether I should get an entirely new bank account card, but will that work?
I understand nothing of this site but it's still really important for me to have.

Please excuse my English, feel free to ask for clarifications if I'm not understandable.
If you decide to answer, please try to keep it in simple words.
Sorry for the inconvenience.