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PayPal Payment Confirmation Status


PayPal Payment Confirmation Status

Hello I am new to pay pal so please I need help.
I am selling a phone and I need to ship it but the buyer use this type that he sends the money but on hold until I ship the item
So I need to ship the item send the this 4 items 

(1) Transaction ID;                                                                               
(2) Shipment Tracking Number;                       
(3) Shipment Scan Copy Receipt;  
(4) You are advised to 
reply back to this notification as soon as you get the item ship. 

Then I will receive the money. 
Please is this legit or scam?

Esteemed Advisor

Re: PayPal Payment Confirmation Status



Scam. If you log on to your PayPal account and do not see payment, you've not been paid. So always check your PayPal account. PayPal does not hide payments from you asking that you to provide those 4 things first before showing you the payment in your account. That is not how PayPal works. IF someone paid, you'll see the funds in your available balance or pending balance (if your payment is subject to the PayPal 21 day hold). And how in the world would one get a PayPal Transaction ID # if no one paid and no transaction recorded in your PayPal account activity? lol


Scammers look for new sellers selling a smartphone and try to pull this trick so be careful. The scam is that they hope you'd ship the item and provide this info but wait and wait but there's no payment showing in your account.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂