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PayPal: Internal Error


PayPal: Internal Error

I keep getting the messsage ''Paypal: Internal error We're sorry. We're not able to process your request right now. Please try again later''. When i try to transfer my funds, infact i can't accsess my wallet at all. I've tried to contact Paypal and they just gave me a copy pasted solution that didn't work. 


Things i've tried:

Updated my location settings (Paypal suggested this). My location setting was already on but i did try it anyway and updated it.

Cleared my history,cache and cookies.

Tried other web browsers and devices.

Tried switching to a different wifi network.


Paypal did though tell me that the issue wasn't connected to my account which just confused me as non of the solutions worked. What else can i do? This is so infurating. I can't accsess my own money and Paypal is taking hours to reply to each message and when they do respond i just get a copy pasted messsage. Has this happend to anyone else and how do you fix it??