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PayPal Hold


PayPal Hold

Hey guys;

On the 28th of last month, I sold shoes on eBay for $ 42. I got the money on hold and the buyer sent me a message about whether he can pay more and get fast delivery, I told him that you can pay $ 48 for DHL shipping before, then he sent me money through another Paypal account with different address, so I shipped the product and it was delivered Successfully. I contacted eBay to release $ 42 and they did, but the problem is the $ 48 I got from the other account I can't get because the buyer paid an account with another address and I sent it to another address. Both accounts have the same country and the same buyer name but differ in address, do I have to contact Paypal?


Re: PayPal Hold

Hi @mohanejim,


Thank you for your post. I'm sorry that the payment you've been sent is on hold. Since there is no item associated with the second payment, you would not be able to enter shipping information for that payment. You can mark the item as delivered, and the recipient can log into their account and mark the item as received, and that will speed up the release of the funds. In the absence of those steps, the payment will release after 21 days has elapsed.


I hope this helps!




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