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Order filfilled but money still pending/on hold?


Order filfilled but money still pending/on hold?

Hi, this is my first time getting the worst experience with paypal.

Im doing a commission work online on my free time (like twice or once a month) to get some pocket money and I have done like 2 works before, but for my third work, suddenly the money received were 'pending' and 'on hold'. The work already done, and the client was satisfied, so the money was sent to me. But now, I need to wait another 21 days to get the money? That's insane, since the order already fulfilled. I try to find something to make the payment release asap and it said 'You have successfully updated order information. You’ll get your money within 7 days of verification.'

Today is the 9th day.

I try to contact paypal by writing a message but always 'All our agents are currently offline. Please try again during business hours.' I tried it every day at different time but still no luck. When is the 'business hours' actually? And I can't find any email to contact.

With the insane amount of fee (in my currency it's a little big actually) and slow contact service, I really am dissatisfied with the service.

Please help me to release the payment asap since I'm not doing a big business but just doing a small work online with my skill (no need shipping goods) and just to get some pocket money to survive here in a colleague 😞


Thanks for replying and have a good day 🙂

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Re: Order filfilled but money still pending/on hold?



New seller hold as per link.


With payments received for tangible goods Paypal would request valid tracking information confirming the funds have been delivered to the buyer. As they can validate the tracking information online, once it is delivered they can release the funds. As you have received the funds for a service no tracking number is applicable and they would be unable to release these funds any sooner than the 21 days.


If you mark the order as shipped or processed then the buyer may have the option on their account to mark the transaction as delivery/satisfied. If the buyer confirms this by clicking on the "Confirm Receipt" button, the funds may be released to you sooner. This is not always guaranteed. 

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