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On Hold?

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On Hold?

Im a first time seller and my money keeps saying it's "On Hold"... How do I get this money to my account?

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Re: On Hold?



PayPal releases funds after 21 days.

Getting funds sooner:

Click Add tracking info or mark the transaction as processed in the transaction details.


Release time:

Adding tracking number - 1 day after delivery confirmed by PayPal 

Processed- 7 days

Ask sender to confirm receipt after updating shipping/tracking.


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Re: On Hold?

@pianoman444 Just to add to @sharpiemarker comment if your using eBay and you have your accounts linked and purchase the shipping labels from eBay (which I do) then the tracking information and everything is uploaded automatically. However, it takes time to establish yourself as a credible seller and they have a 90 day period I believe, or 250$ in sales before that hold is taken off. I am brand new on eBay, and while my funds were on hold as well, they were released within 2-4 days (as soon as the person received the items)