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Nothing works.

New Community Member

Nothing works.

I had a charge for a subscription come through when I was in the process of switching banks, so my paypal has a small negative balance. I added my new bank and card so I could add money to the account and bring it to zero, but paypal tells me "We’re sorry, things don’t appear to be working right now. Try again later." when I try to add funds from the debit card or bank account.


I cannot remove any old bank accounts or cards. When I remove an old bank account I get "We can't remove this bank right now" and when I remove an old card I get "We're sorry. We're not able to process your request right now. Please try again later."


When I try to change my email I add the new email and tell it to send the confirmation email, and it never shows up. I even made sure to add the paypal domain to my allow list.


All of these problems persists across Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari.