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No Transfer Funds Option

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No Transfer Funds Option

Hi all,


So I've gone ahead and linked my bank account, and the Status section says "Confirmed". I've also linked my debit card (gratuitously, but trying to troubleshoot), and this had the same effect. On my wallet page, however, I see no transfer funds option. I've scoped out the entire website looking for this "transfer funds" button but to no avail. I also can't see a balance anywhere... If that gives any insight on my account status.


I've been at this for literal years and generally I just move on to another service, but this time the website I'm using requires PayPal. So I'm doing it all the way this time!


Thanks a ton,

- Nolan R.

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Re: No Transfer Funds Option



Read this newish policy that affects paypal U.S personal account holders being able to hold a 'balance in their account'.,-paypal-ca...



You never need funds in your Paypal account balance as a buyer. When you purchase an item then Paypal credit the seller for you, this is so there is no delay in the despatch of your item. Paypal will then take the wait for the funds to transfer to reimburse them.
However they only take that 'risk' if you pay...

1. Bank transfer but have a back up card linked to your account as well.
2. Debit or credit card.
If you have option 1 but have no back up card linked then your payment may go as an echeque and you and the seller will have to await clearance.

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I do not work for Paypal.