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Netspend/MetaBank Transfers.

New Community Member

Netspend/MetaBank Transfers.

I have 8.45 cent's on my netspend prepaid/MetaBank Checking account and it's not allowing me to add it to my PayPal Cash Plus account. Nor can I move the 7.00 from my PayPal Cash Plus account to my Netspend Prepaid/MetaBank Checking account. I am trying to just put the two together so that I can make a 15.00$ purchase online. Can someone please help me?

Re: Netspend/MetaBank Transfers.

Hi @malatarew,


For this situation, I would suggest you contact us to provide additional details.  To contact customer service, please click Contact at the bottom of the PayPal website for available options, or reach out by Facebook or Twitter.  I hope this helps.


Thank you,