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Negative PayPal Balance

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Negative PayPal Balance

Will Paypal continue to attempt to deduct funds from my bank account until negative balance is resolved? I've been trying to pay the balance of $50 but it will not let me because i dont have a piece of mail with the address of the ID i sent for verification. Then today I saw $50 deducted from the account marked "ACH DEBIT PAYPAL ECHECK WEB ######" is this to cover the negative balance? If so, when will it reflect on my paypal account because it still shows that i owe $50.


any help is great thanks. 

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Re: Negative PayPal Balance

What was the result of this? Same thing happend to me but it's not showing as a credit to my balance!
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Re: Negative PayPal Balance




Yes that would be it, allow 5-7 days for the echeque to clear through and resolve the neg balance.

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