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My money is on hold till I provide a tracking number ?!


My money is on hold till I provide a tracking number ?!

Paypal start to be really unbelievable.


I am trying to withdraw my money for a while now, this money was sent to me by customers in Etsy.

With this money I buy materials, pay for manufacturers, in order to start making the product.

Only then, 2-3 months later I can ship the product.


Paypal is trying to reverse this process, I first have to show them a proof of shipping to use MY money.


I already called them multiple times, and nobody cares, they ask more and more proofs by emails in which I can't even respond, and they already got my passport and all details on phone.

They blocked my account multiple times, now they sent this email asking this tracking numbers which I can't provide.

I am waiting for a while now, can't start making the product because of this.


A "made to order business" works the opposite, you can't reverse it in the sake of security.


So no money to use in order to make the product so I can ship it, they simply ruin my business.


Is there anyone in this company that listen ? 

This is not moral, not fair and almost not legal.