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Moving abroad

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Moving abroad


I have recently moved from Israel to Canada. 

I have a Canadian bank account that I would like to add to my PayPal account.

I need to withdraw money from the PayPal account to my Canadian bank account, anybody has any idea how?

If i close my PayPal account to open another one, what will happen to my funds there?

Thanks for the help 


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Re: Moving abroad



Need to open a PayPal Canada account. Once you have that set up with Canadian billing address and financial information (bank/credit card, etc), then PayPal the money to yourself from the Israel acct to the Canada account as personal payment. There may be currency conversion fees and cross border fees. PayPal accounts are country specific and are not globally mobile as each country has their own laws that apply to PayPal account by country. So, like bank accounts, you have to close it and take your money with you when you move to different country of residence.


PayPal Canada


If you still maintain a residence in Israel, you may keep it open, if not you can close it after you PayPal yourself the money to canada account.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂