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Money won't appear in my balance


Money won't appear in my balance

Having an issue where I sold an item via eBay, the trusted buyer has payed me over 2 weeks ago. The money shows up in my account activity saying "completed"- yet it doesn't show in my actual balance. I haven't spent it and its been 2 weeks and still won't show in my balance. I've sold through eBay several times before and never had any issues. 


Not sure what's going on but not happy as I have already posted to item. No way I can contact PayPal either, very disappointed. 


Re: Money won't appear in my balance

Hello, @Jtrez. The situation you've described definitely poses a concern. Is it possible that a purchase right after the received payment used all the funds in your balance? That is very often the explanation for situations like this, especially if the payment was related to an automatic (or pre-approved) payment. It's also possible there is an open ticket for the situation and PayPal would be working on it if that's the case.


Please log on to your account and click Activity to review all of your transactions in detail. Please click Contact at the bottom of any page and then select the topic that best fits your concern to see options to communicate securely with Customer Service, if that's still needed. If those channels don't work, you may send a Facebook Private Message (navigate to and click Send Message on PayPal's page) or you may send a Direct Message via Twitter (to @AskPayPal) to communicate with Customer Service.


I hope this is helpful. Thanks for your patience during this time.