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Money transferred from my bank to PayPal


Money transferred from my bank to PayPal

I’ve transferred some money from my Bank Account to my PayPal, 24/07/2020- and it has given me an estimated date it will hit my paypal.


originally this was 31/07/2020 but has since gone to 04/08/2020 and now is at 05/08/2020\


the money has left my bank, so where is my money? Why hasn’t it come into my PayPal, and why do the dates keep extending?


any help would be appreciated!!

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Re: Money transferred from my bank to PayPal



It depends on your banks processing times, nothing to do with paypal as they haven't received the funds yet.

Can be up to 3 business days, the date is an estimate but normally clears on or around that date.


You do know as a buyer you never need funds in your paypal balance do you?

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