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Money on hold


Money on hold

Hi everyone.. Im sending money to a family member, n they r getting "money on hold" issue. My questions are: No 1. Is this money on hold issue occur on personal account? If it doesn't, should i assume my family opened a busines account perhaps? No 2. As it is, to release the money on hold now, there is a few requirements,(E.G. complete 5 transactions, transfer up to 100USD) do all requirements need to b completed? Or as long as one of them is completed the money will be released? No 3. Also listed on the "money on hold" page...the money will be held for 21 days...if requirements r met n completed, will the money b released immediately? Thank you for your help as im a newbie, n have a nice day

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Re: Money on hold



Either you sent a goods and services payment in error or the recipient's PayPal account is based in a country that cannot receive personal payments and has to receive money as goods and services payment. Friends and family payment type (sending and/or receiving) may not be available for some countries.


1) The 'money on hold' thing can happen with both personal and business accounts as all the payment has to be is a goods and services payment to trigger the hold. Personal payments can trigger reviews and released in up to 72 hours.


2) To release a payment sooner, the recipient have to click 'Add Tracking Info' button in the transaction details and select an order status (Order Processed or marked as Shipped with or without tracking number) and then ask you to "confirm receipt" on your end of the transaction. If you don't have the "confirm receipt" option, the recipient may have to wait up to 21 days for PayPal to releases the funds as long as you do not report a problem within those 21 days to dispute the transactions.


3) I think all the requirements have to be met first, otherwise there's no point in having them.


Recipient of the money should repeat #2 to get their money sooner every time they receive a payment until PayPal releases them from the whole 'hold' routine by meeting all requirements.

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