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Money On Hold

New Community Member

Money On Hold

Hi Contributors,


I'm new on Paypal and I have created a new Paypal account. I want to ask about why my money still on hold?

I have 4 transactions with On Hold status and I've updated order information of those transactions. It's said :
You have successfully updated the order information. You’ll get your money within 7 days of verification.

Now it passes 7 days and my money still on hold. Maybe someone can give me an explanation about that and how to get my money on hold to my Paypal balance? I really appreciate it if someone can help me. Thanks in advance


Best Regards,



Re: Money On Hold

Hi @rmiqbalm,
Welcome to the community forum and thanks for posting.

If you have received a payment in your PayPal account, the funds might be placed on a temporary hold for up to 21 days. It’s a common industry practice that we implement to help ensure the safe use of PayPal services by buyers and sellers alike. You can read all the information about this and how to get early access to the funds here: