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Made a mistake concering a payment

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Made a mistake concering a payment

Hi, i have a question. Today i opened my bank account to check my balance. I came across a payment to PayPal, which i thought i did using my creditcard instead of that bank account. So, the fool i am, ordered my bank to withdraw that amount (20,24 for a game). But after looking through paypal, i realised i just made the mistake of using my bank account, linked to PayPal, instead of the credit card. So what happens now? The purchase of the game was intentionally, just used the bank account instead of the credit card, which was what i wanted to do. Do i have to phone my bank tomorrow, to cancel the withdrawal, or are you guys going to do another attempt?



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Re: Made a mistake concering a payment



This is a help forum and not Paypal customer services, you need to contact the latter for account issues.

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