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Locked in the PayPal's Kafkaesque Loop RE: Negative Balance


Locked in the PayPal's Kafkaesque Loop RE: Negative Balance

Hey community,

So month ago I was repeatedly scammed by the world renown scammers known as Shaw Academy. You go and search for them in this forum and you ll have a read for a whole weekend. The problem here is that PayPal simply does not care about its 1000s of customers who had fell their victim. Instead it plays along and in the end, you are the not only the victim, but also perpetuator of the FRAUD in their eyes.

Currently, I have a negative balanace due to PP incompetence, which I will outline below:

On 23.2. a sudden direct debit order was forced on my account from SHA. That despite, I cancelled my trial back in Summer, both in PP and via writing that has been confirmed in emails with the already shady company. But luckily back then, I was able to avert any money to be taken from my account. Yes, they tried to charged after I cancelled my account before the trial by simply ignoring it. That happend to many of you folx too.

But the story does not end up here. 6 months laters, when one would expect the the issue being long dead. A sudden message hit my email from PP. That ShawAcademy tried to fish my account using direct debit order which did not exist. I looked immediately in my pre-approved payments in PP account, just to confirm, that indeed the only order has been long cancelled back in 2020.

Thus, a fraud attempt was made. Fortunately (and also unfortunately) I had zero in my bank account. So the transaction pinged back.

Immediately, I contacted PP and my bank informing them about a FRAUD attempt. It took nearly week for PP to even respond. In the meantime, themselves and my bank were playing a pingpong which let to and overdraft charges for me on both sides of the barricade. That despite there was an ongoing dispute against the fraudster. PP did not want to acknowledge my claim, until I started a email bombardment (tactic used by SHA widely often) against the fraudster who finally subdued and issued a refund. That also closed my dispute case in my FAVOR. I won, hurray!

Well, not so fast! At the same time, I wrote to my bank, who called me to discuss the matter. They accepted the evidence I have got, plus SHA was known to them as shady company. Very quickly, the ovedraft charges were repaid back into my account with an apology for incoveniences caused.

I expected PP to act in exactly the same manner, especially when the DISPUTE and its conclusion was acted on its own grounds. But here began the real FUN:

I wrote them a message that there is still a NEGATIVE balance on my account which needs to go as it was caused by a fraud. Plus it was also caused by PayPal's incompetence. Because there was never any active direct debit agreed on an accepted in my pre-approved payment section, which is already a solid evidence.

PP refused their share of guilt on this and stubbornly kept asking me via their robotic white collar servants over and over again in a very generic manner to pay it from my pocket as if that was my fault and not theirs and SHA's. Because the problem is theirs not mine, clearly.

Two of their robots approached me one - with a generic messsage urging me to call them, and spend an actual money to try to resolve such a banal problem - I refused categorically and insisted that this CASE needs to be resolved in writing.

They kept bombarding me with the same generic response until they stopped writing back to me. When I summed up all the evidence and proceedings to make it more obvious for them, they simply ignored it.

Now, they don't talk to me at all. I have a NEGATIVE balance, so I can't even leave this cancer of service and simply go elsewhere.

What would you do in my place to apply the justice here? I am in GER btw.






Re: Locked in the PayPal's Kafkaesque Loop RE: Negative Balance