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Paypal has a refund for me on hold and are not releasing it. They are treating me like a seller and asking for which address I use to send parcel. I am a buyer and am try to get this money released, i have a long message in message center for a day and a half. I do not wish to start another message as I may loose all the first one. Does Paypal have a phone number in Australia? 

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Re: Kay80



If you mean that paypal is asking you for a tracking number to release funds then your seller sent a PAYMENT and not a REFUND.

If they had used the refund your payment may have been pending for a while until it was cleared from the sellers bank but if you are saying its on hold for the new seller hold then it sounds as if the seller sent and not refunded the monies.


If it was within 180 days then the seller should have used the refund option.

If it was over 180 days then the seller should have used the send money > family /friends option.

Either way would have meant you would not have had the new seller hold applied.

Sadly as the seller sent it incorrectly then you may have to wait 21 days.

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