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KSP and negative balance


KSP and negative balance

Hi there,


This is to let you guys know about my experience with PayPal and negative balance. My story, similar to ones i read before:


- I changed my bank account. Some recurrent payments have PayPal set as payment method. PayPal of course was not able to get the money from my account. Luck, my bad, whatever. Amount in negative was 14,99. PayPal charges 15 administrative costs. Well... I can understand that and i would pay it.


- They send me an email to inform about the fact and asked me to solve the problem. First issue: lands on my spam, as apparently my mail client thought this was yet another advertisement from the hundred paypal sends over. I oversee it.


- Few weeks later i receive an email from some KSP company, with a penalty for the negative funds. Now, 29,99€ for paypal + 71€!!!!! (mahnung, etc etc etc). Now, even PayPal warns users about those phishing emails and whatnot, so I am confused here: some kind of phising? Is it real? If phising, how do they have my email, and how do they know about my negative balance? I went into PayPal and send them a message asking them about it, and i get an automated reply with an FAQ entry to "negative balance in my account". Bravo, PayPal knowledge base, you nailed it. Bravo PayPal, your customer service is just useless.


- Days later i get a postal brief with the same content as the email. Thing seems real so i try to reach PayPal on the phone: 3 days after each other waiting on the phone for more than 30 mins without sucess. Bravo PayPal, your customer service is more than useless.


- Well the negative balance is something i wanted to fix anyways, so i transfer those 29,99 to PayPal and thats it. Days later, yet another KSP postal brief. They were so kind and told me that i only owe them the 71 they originally charged, and the deadline is....the same day the letter made it to my house. Bravo KSP, thanks a lot!!


- I contact that KSP company and indeed, thing is real (btw, a seriously unfriendly lady from KSP). In the meantime, open a formal complaint in my PayPal which is still not answered. Bravo PayPal, did i say your customer service is useless?


- I did transfer those 71€ now to the friendly KSP, and I will be getting advice from the Arbeitskammer to formally complain about this.


I almost forgot. There is a nice screen in PayPal app telling you that "PayPal wont charge any penalty for this...." when your balance is negative. No fine print either. Did they forget to change their app? Is this a fake? Or just another sign of their incompetence? 


My account exists still because i want to wait for PayPal´s reply to my complaint. When all this stuff is over i will be closing my PayPal account. I will be also cancelling my parents account (they just do have one because of me). Bravo PayPal, you just lost 3 customers.


For you, PayPal social media agents. Save your time and dont reply to this post (if it passes thru your filter) with one of those template-based replies. Seriosly, you are messing with your users. And your customer service is useless.


Thanks all, and watch out. PayPal lies.


Re: KSP and negative balance

I live in Germany and have been using Paypal for 10 years.


I had the exactly same letter recently after my paypal acccount had negative balance 24.5 Euro for 1 month (April .04 up May 12). Now KSP (I believe they are puppet of paypal) told me I have to pay 95 Euro. Excellent, even Usury would charge so much for 300% loan interest.


Indeed, I tried to add money for the negative balance many time, since i have a bank account linked. But, since there is negative balance, I can NOT add money from my linked bank. Also I tried to remove the bank account and re-link it, no success. Then I email the help center and they told me I Have to call the custom service. But it is mission impossible to successfully to find any1 to answer. I tried 10+ time, no success whatsoever.


So I got the KSP collection letter today (12 May 2020). I wonder, is it even legal to collect 300% more money if some1 owns to paypal for just 1+ month. I have to consult the Germen Bar Association.