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Issues to withdraw, Paypal charged 82$!!!

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Issues to withdraw, Paypal charged 82$!!!

Jan 8: did withdraw 1022,67$ to my Bank of China account, Paypal fees 35$ so 987,67$

Jan 11: call from Bank of China, refusing to get the money saying they don't know Paypal, asking all my identity, job position, copy of all my papers, working papers, identity, address and a written statement to explain what is this money (I am a foreigner, not Chinese), I refused, they sent back the money.

Jan 11: email to Paypal explaining, they write they will get me back the 35$ fees

Jan 18: still nothing, asked Paypal where is my refund and miracle, it does appear... but only 940,67$!!! so 82$ missing and they write me I got 955,67$ (??) 

I tried to use Paypal to save money transferring money from Europe and it doesn't work plus I lose 82$ and no explanation, no answer, nothing!!!!

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Re: Issues to withdraw, Paypal charged 82$!!!

Hi there, The best option for this problem is to contact PayPal directly via telephone or email