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Issues? BACS and foreign currency withdrawals in 5 figures.


Issues? BACS and foreign currency withdrawals in 5 figures.

First post, so please forgive me if I don't follow the protocols, properly.

I work from home for an overseas company that pays my earnings into PayPal in their currency.

It's one of those currencies where you can be a millionare in their money with a relatively low amount of the sterling equivalent, so I enter five-figure sums each month for withdrawal.

I've been doing this since last July with no problems.

I do have a smartphone, but I've always used my laptop to do this. I now understand that this may be a problem for faster payments systems.

I was working very late last night when my pay notification came through, and thought I would transfer the cash there and then to my UK bank account. 

The first problem was that in the transfer funds box that you type into, it would only let me enter a four figure number. I wanted to withdraw a five figure sum of the foreign currency, as I have done previously.


So, I had to make withdrawals of 9,999 in the foreign currency to get the money transferred over to my bank account. The transactions were duly recorded, one after the other on my account

Then the money didn't appear in my UK bank account. It wasn't there this morning.

I panicked, deleted, and then instantly re-instated my bank account, when I realised that money having to go via BACS  was a common problem, a couple of minutes later, and I hadn't been somehow scammed with a fake website. (Yes, I know...)


A call to CS confirmed all is well, and yes, the money is going via BACS, I just have to wait five days or so for my money to appear in my UK bank account. Fortunately, it's not an issue at the moment, but it might have been.

I know I was silly to remove my bank account details from PayPal, but they are back now, and all is well (hopefully!) 


Has anybody else had an issue with transferring funds and entering five-figures? Is this a known issue?

Thanks for reading, I would appreciate any responses.