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I want my money back paypal


I want my money back paypal

So, i was a new user to paypal. I received a payment from a person now i have to withdrawal it to my bank so i already confirmed my card details to my account now i have to add a bank account to withdrawal payments i put my bank details unfortunately i put 10 digit account number instead of 12 digit account number but any error didn't showed up i try to check my bank account Number but it was hidden i can't able to recheck and i don't know how that bank was confirmed to my paypal account i was new i doesn't knew what happening after some minutes there was a auto withdrawal of paypal payment to my bank and then according to paypal guidelines if your bank account details was incorrect your payment will bounce back to your paypal account within 14 days but now it's been 15 days i didn't received my money back to my paypal account i am very worried please help me out i want my money back to my account.
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Re: I want my money back paypal

stop posting duplicate posts, very unfair on others waiting for help that only post x1.

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