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I can't send payments from my Available PayPal Balance.


I can't send payments from my Available PayPal Balance.

Hello, Recently, I have been having nothing but problems with paypal. I received a payment from my cousin, it was a freinds and family payment. I went to withdraw it into my bank, and it said "you are unable to do this at this time". So then i tried sending the payment to my husband so he could withdraw it. It said "Payment is Refused" so i googled why this is happening, and i made sure i had done everything right. I comfirmed my email and my phone, I comfirmed my Bank account. I made sure there was no limitation on my account and i checked the resolution centre for messages. But still, i am unable to do ANYTHING with this money. But things like this have happened before with paypal. I understand it's security, but its not telling me what i need to do to resolve it, customer service is appalling, Instead of helping me they instantly put a limitation on my account, which i was able to take off. I feel as if PayPal is stealing from me, they have no right to control what i do with my money, ESPECIALLY when i haven't done anything wrong, I will definitely be looking for a different, more stable service. I need help, this money is going towards my sons birthday present and i will be extremely angry if PayPal is the reason he doesn't get what he wants. I need help resolving this ASAP.


Re: I can't send payments from my Available PayPal Balance.



That does sound like a very frustrating situation. I'm sorry that you haven't received a clear answer thus far. However, there are a lot of variables that might be involved and no one on the PayPal community forums can properly diagnose this issue since your account details are not available for reference. 


Your best option would be to contact PayPal customer service directly. 


You can reach customer support by FacebookTwitter, or phone or email.


I hope this issue is resolved in time for your son's birthday. 

- PayPal_Rich

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