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How to send money using paypal balance


How to send money using paypal balance

I used to be able to send money using my paypal balance but that option is no longer there. Money comes in and it seems I am forced to move it to my bank and then send the money using my bank card.  But previously one could send using the paypal balance. I dont recall getting any note that this was changed. IS there a way to fix this?

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Re: How to send money using paypal balance



It's this policy PayPal now has. Have you ever had a red dot on your bell icon on the top menu that when you click on it, it says "If you’d like to use your PayPal balance to send or spend, please confirm your info now. Or transfer to your bank when you receive money. " 


If you do not verify certain account info like Name, SSN and DOB (for some accounts, by a certain date), you will have to withdraw the funds that comes into your PayPal balance and can't keep the funds in the PayPal balance to spend until you do. It seems like you didn't verify or provided this info into your PayPal account. 


Go to More > Business Set up > Account Set Up


See if there is an orange sphere "! " icon to have you confirm your info.

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Re: How to send money using paypal balance

I dont have any pending questions about my account and I have had it for many years. So how do I find out what is missing and fix it now as I Dont see anything missing and no notice or anything.