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How do I find a human at paypal

New Community Member

How do I find a human at paypal

Hello all,

i am stuck and need to find a fix it person at PayPal to talk to.  No one is answering their phones or replying to the contact us emails.  

I have a negative bal of $7 and have no idea why.  I suspect this is preventing eBay from sending a refund to an unhappy buyer.  Last year, their staff were unable to connect PayPal w my bank Acct and did not know why.  

Thus I’m stuck.   Is there a way to talk to a person at PayPal?  if yes, how do I contact them? 
Thank you 


Re: How do I find a human at paypal

You can't they want answer they told me to send a item back and send them the tracking number I did all that cost me 15.00 to send it back now they say did not find in my favor so now I am out 38.00 for the item and 15. Oo to send it back  so be  careful  I also had pictures of the item it was all deformed so you can't always trust PayPal