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HELP! i need to cancel a bank transfer from my account to paypal


HELP! i need to cancel a bank transfer from my account to paypal

my paypal account went into overdraft and was flagged and without thinking i immediately transfered money from my bank account to paypal forgetting about the 9business day time warp.  in the meantime a paypal auto-payment to fb for an ad bounced.  so i had a friend transfer money from his paypal to mine to bring it up above zero.  now i want to cancel my transfer from my bank account because i really need that money and i am furious that in this day in age my money has to sit in purgatory for 9 business days which will be about 2wks with the US holiday.  how can i cancel this transfer?  i could just take the money out of my account but then paypal will make an attempt again and i'll be charged $48 from my bank AGAIN.  i am having a cashflow crunch just this week and i desperately need access to my last 200$ ...

please someone tell me it's possible to cancel this "add funds" function!!!!


and NO i can't waste time phoning for help again....i played with your forced prompt system this morning;  that didn't have my problem as an option; then waiting 45mins for a callback THEN the callback was on a line which was so bad and staticy that i couldnt' hear the rep but he told me he couldn't call me back so there was no way to communicate with him the noise on the line was too loud.  i was really annoyed by that.  again....maybe it's time for paypal to join the 21st century.  where was the line originating that the reception was so horribly poor???


i am BESIDE MYSELF with frustration


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Re: HELP! i need to cancel a bank transfer from my account to paypal



Sadly you can't as per link.


Transfers from bank accounts are never instant, that is why when you buy something paypal credit the seller upfront for you and paypal take the wait for the funds to transfer to pay them back again, this is so you get your item without delay.

HOWEVER if you are adding funds yourself then this time you take the wait and Paypal use the slowest (cheapest) transfer option which is why they credit upfront when you make a purchase.

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Re: HELP! i need to cancel a bank transfer from my account to paypal


i had a friend send me $250 to top up my paypal account so it was no longer in arrears......the $230 payment i tried to send from my account....PLUS the original vendor payment has been debited from my bank account (so double)  SO FAR paypal has taken almost $750 from me..paid a $228 vendor payment and my pp balance is only $15 ....and my bank account now is in arrears which they likely will charge me another 48$ for!!!!  plus i had a cheque that didn't clear yesterday which could cost me YET ANOTHER!!!  HOW CAN I GET PAYPAL TO FREE UP MY MONEY AND WHY DOES IT KEEP TAKING MORE AND MORE BUT NOT CREDITING MY ACCOUNT!!!??




i had no success reaching by telephone as mentioned before and i am beside myself with stress at the moment i am OUT OF MONEY!!!!!