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Funds on Hold - Need money to post


Funds on Hold - Need money to post


I was selling a CD through Discogs, and I had an interested buyer who bought the item and paid me through PayPal. She paid the cost and shipping and when I went to check the funds (I was not aware of, or told about the payment on hold procedure) They were on hold. I'm now in a bit of an issue, I cannot afford to post the item until the 5th December which is in 2 weeks. I also need the money from this sale to actually eat food and live. 


The buyer also left me a positive review on Discogs, I heard this can speed up release time. Does anyone know what I can do? Will the funds be released due to the review? 



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Re: Funds on Hold - Need money to post



No, feedback does not figure into it. Its delivery that releases the funds (entering tracking number into the transaction so PayPal can confirm delivery with courier) or the customer confirming receipt of goods.


You will need to borrow the funds, use a linked credit card, something, to pay for the postage.

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