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Extremely Disappointed with Paypal and Customer Service


Extremely Disappointed with Paypal and Customer Service

I've been trying to transfer money into my bank account from Paypal for the last two days getting an error that the action cannot be completed. I gt on the phone with customer representatives and they tell me there is a security hold on the money and I can only withdraw to my debit card at the moment... This feels like they just want the withdrawal fee! Customer service can't override the system and they can't give me a specific reason for the hold. They also said try again tomorrow at first but will now tell me they have no idea when the system will release the hold on my money. The representative actually suggested I open up another PayPal account and try to redo the transaction under a different account... 


Has anybody else been experiencing issues withdrawing money to their bank account? I am sick and tired of all the shenanigans with PayPal, I've done my research and found several better (hopefully) alternatives! 

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Re: Extremely Disappointed with Paypal and Customer Service



"Hold" as in the transfer request status say "Under Review"? If so, then you'll have to wait 24 to 72 hours for PayPal to finish the review and then PayPal will process the transfer, mark it complete in your PayPal account, and then the clock starts til when the bank posts your funds. All transfers is subject to routine review and is a formality.

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Re: Extremely Disappointed with Paypal and Customer Service

Nope not 'under review.' The money is in my Paypal account but unable to transfer to my bank account... Like I mentioned the customer service representatives urged me to move this money to my debit card on file (for a fee of course) insisting that this will solve the issue. It makes no sense that I would be able to transfer my money to my debit card but the security system is flagging the process of transferring to my bank account.


I was also told a manager would call me by 12:30PM EST and it is currently 2:16PM EST with nothing yet...