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Error During Money Withdraw to Visa classic


Error During Money Withdraw to Visa classic


  I have very strange problem from 26 Jun.I have never had same problem I was doing immediately withdrawals ad on big amount of money as small ones.After 26 I tried to withdraw  money and got this error 

Sorry, we are not able to process your request. Please try again later.

 I called to Paypal and they told me that there is no problem on my acc or any limitations.I called to my bank and they confirmed that there is no problem with my accounts or cards!I am using Visa classic.At jun 30 after more than 50 attempts to withdraw I made a transfer but was held(never held after verification process) for 4 days after that payment cleared and transferred to my Visa.After this process passed today I was trying to make another withdrawal but no success I am getting same error.Please help me,my business is under danger because my buyers are waiting their items.What problem may be there?My account is in very good standing!