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ESPN player subscription/trial money on hold


ESPN player subscription/trial money on hold

Hello Guys


I activated my ESPN player 7-day free trial, by choosing my paypal.


Paypal immediately put a montly fee on hold.


I contacted their customer service:


"When using Paypal as your form of payment for a subscription that offers a free trial, Paypal puts a hold on your funds during the Free trial period.

This is a Paypal processes. Your Paypal payment has not yet posted to our system. Should you cancel your free trial your payment will not process and Paypal will release the hold."


I already canceled my subscription and the free trial ended on oct 14. 00:00


Transaction ID: O-3PA191219H531234S


I belive the money is still on hold. (I didnt get any sms or e-mail since then)


What are my next steps?