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EBAY payment to PAYPAL times???

New Community Member

EBAY payment to PAYPAL times???

So I sold a item on EBAY then the buyer paid the funds to EBAY and then I was put on the dreaded Payment Hold until the buyer received the item which he has.


I spoke to EBAY as the payment to my Paypal was still on hold wondering how long it will be hold as the buyer now has the item.  They said that the funds have been released to Paypal.....  Hmmmm. really


So on my Paypal page it still says EBAY are holding the funds still???


The system is pathetic, if Ebay have said they have released the funds to Paypal then why dose it not show on my Paypal so that I can withdrawal it.


Anyone know how long it takes to reach Paypal after being released from Ebay???