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Digital Artist: "Payment ON HOLD"

New Community Member

Digital Artist: "Payment ON HOLD"

Hello. So here's my situation and I really hope anyone could help me out.


To put it simply, I'm a 2D Digital Artist, and I started taking commissions, and uses Paypal as a payment method. My first payment to receive was on June 30.


These days, I've been getting a lot of on hold payment. I tried the "get your funds" option and stated that it IS a digital goods, so it does not need any shipment or anything. I tried updating it to COMPLETED and it says "You have recently updated your order information. You’ll get your money within 7 days of verification." but my other friends says it doesn't take 7 days but LONGER than that.


I also tried talking to my client to confirm the receipt but they said there's no such thing as that button and it states as "completed" to them.


I hope someone can tell me if there's any way to get my funds faster because I really need the money URGENT. 


PS. I don't have a bank account or credit card to link on my account.