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Delay on card withdrawal


Delay on card withdrawal

Does anybody know what this mysterious security issue is that PayPal detects everytime that I try to withdraw money to my VISA card? It gets released exactly 24 hours after I instruct PayPal to send money to my VISA card. Support, being their ever-helpful selves can do nothing but apologise for any inconvenience caused. Since when does apologising for inconvenience give you a free pass to cause it in the first instance! 


Re: Delay on card withdrawal

Withdrawals can take anything from 2 – 72 hrs to complete through our system. Generally they'll complete within 2 hours however we will occasionally hold a withdrawal for further review. To provide one of the safest online payment services our internal security system reviews every transaction before it's released.

This type of review can happen for various reasons. For example, you may have received a higher-than-usual amount of money into your account, you may be logging in from an unsecure network or you may have made changes to your account 

Settings recently.

Once our review has finished your withdrawal will show as ‘completed’ and will be processed to your bank account if the review didn't turn up any issues.