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Debit card notification

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Debit card notification

I was on my account the other day, and I saw a notification pop up.  I thought it said that Paypal was going to begin paying us through a debit card instead of us being able to transfer directly into our bank account.  It said something about having to opt out if we didn't want the debit card.  I can not find the notification anywhere now.  I called customer service and they were completely unware.  Did anyone else receive this notification and how do I opt out?

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Re: Debit card notification


As you have not added your country to your profile (so we can see when we hover over your username) or said in your post which country you are in then sadly can't advise.
Paypal varies a great deal country to country so you need to tell us where you are on this worldwide community forum.

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.