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Debit Card


Debit Card

Hello everyone I just created a new PayPal Account after I verified my email I just tried to link a debit card which I just unlinked from a different paypal account......I was able to confirm it on the old account but it got declined on the new account I just created...There is no enough funds on this  card...I want to there if the card not having enough funds could be the reason or can a card be verified on paypal even if it does not have at least $1 on it or may it be something else ...I would be greateful if there is any help to this as it's giving me nuts


Re: Debit Card

Hi @lostsoul555,


I'm sorry to hear that you're unable to link a card to your new account. If there aren't enough funds on the account to validate and confirm the card, the card would not be able to be added at this time. That is very likely the issue that you're running into.


I hope this helps!




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