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Credit Card Verification

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Credit Card Verification

I wanted to transfer money from a credit card to my paypal account.

Since this does not seem to be possible, I tried to add this credit card to my account to be used for any payment.


Now here is the problem:

I dont have a physical credit card as this was an award/incentive from my company and they provided me credit card details (only) which grant me USD 200,- for any online purchase I want using this card account. So far so good, the issue now is, that I want to use this money for a purchase that cost me USD 350,- and I wanted to make this transaction via paypal. Transfer to paypal is not possible but I also cannot add the card as I cannot verify the account finally as I dont get any account statement for this card. Maybe anybody has a smart solution on this?

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Re: Credit Card Verification



Paypal do not accept 'virtual' cards.

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