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Contacting Support To Escalate an Issue


Contacting Support To Escalate an Issue

I reported an issue trying to add money from my verified Canadian bank account to my PayPal account the first time on July 20. I am sent thank you for contacting us blah blah blah with instructions on how to add money. Well I am not an idiot and provided screen shots attached to the reply message that obviously the support person does not have a program to open a JPG file or doesn't know how to read. Add 50.00 To My PayPal Account.JPGReview Add 50.00 To My PayPal Account.JPGReview There Is A Problem Adding 50.00 To Your PayPal Account.JPG


So I send this to support and I get the dumbest reply that doesn't even relate to what I am trying to do. I have done this three times now and after I get the error, I cannot try again because my account gets locked for suspicious activity and have to jump through the hoops with photo ID copies of bank statements etc etc etc. I have asked the support person to escalate this issue but again my thoughts were that maybe English is not their first language so I tried in Spanish too and even that didn't work.


I just want someone technical to review these messages and say "OK" to fix this problem you need to stand on one leg facing due south at 3:39:41 on August 9 and all will be well. I can do that and am willing to wait until then but it better FN work.


I am so frustrated with the lack of QUALITY SUPPORT offered by PayPal. I understand that offshore support is cheaper but give me a break guys.



Re: Contacting Support To Escalate an Issue

Can someone tell me how to escalate an issue because I seems the people responding to my request are stuck in a loop.

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Re: Contacting Support To Escalate an Issue

most issues are tackled by bots first,bots do not read emails or open PDF file or watch videos,you need a human to look into it.

why not read Papal terms and agreement ,it is always adding new amendments,why cant you add $50 from your bank account?

is it verified?

is it in your name?

there i sno need to add fund as it would come out of your bank account if you choose to use bank fund for any purchase?  

you can also contact Paypal on twitter,search past posts