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Card verification

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Card verification

i have been charged $1.95 to confirm my master card but i hv not received any 4digit code they want and yet my money has been taken

i hv tried resending code but it keeps on taking more money from my mastercard but still no 4digit code what sould i do plz.

Esteemed Advisor

Re: Card verification


You can't add a local bank account / debit card in your country.
You can only link a visa credit card.
Also the option to receive paypal payments is sadly not available in Uganda.
You can only send payments for purchases funded by your (confirmed) credit card.

Paypal varies a lot country to country and can only offer the services that the banks / governments of that country allow it to offer.
There are quite a few countries unable to receive paypal payments.


Any un-used codes/monies will time out at 30 days and go back to your card BUT it may take longer for the card to process your refund, country dependent.

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